How Long Does it Take to Sail to Niue?©
How Long Does it Take to Sail to Niue?

How Long Does it Take to Sail to Niue?


Sailing Times and Distances for Niue

Sailing across the South Pacific? See if the world’s largest raised coral atoll, Niue, can be added to your itinerary with this list of sailing times and distances! Whether you’re just passing through on the Transpacific journey or want to discover this intriguing limestone haven isolated in the deep blue ocean, we cover all scenarios in this sailing times guide.

About Sailing to Niue

Niue only has one official port of entry: Alofi.

It is recommended that yachts arriving in Niue from overseas book one of the limited moorings before arrival. Visitors from around 40 different countries get a free 30-day visa upon entry into Niue.

Yachts are required to clear out and pay the appropriate fees before leaving Niue.

Check out Sailing Guide to Niue: Tips for Yachting for more details on each of these points and more.

How Long Does it Take to Sail to Niue?© David Girsh - Niue Tourism

Sailing Times and Distances in the South Pacific to Niue

The South Pacific is a popular sailing destination where sails between island nations take less than a week. Niue is at the centre of the Transpacific voyage, between the Cook Islands and Tonga, and south of Samoa and American Samoa.

So how long does it take to sail to Niue from Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and more? Check out the below distance and time calculations. Note that all of the below times and distances are calculated when the vessel is doing an average speed of 10 knots.

  • Tonga to Niue: 232 nautical miles / 24 hours
  • American Samoa to Niue: 290 nautical miles / 1 day 5 hours
  • Samoa to Niue: 345 nautical miles / 1 day 10 hours
  • Cook Islands to Niue: 590 nautical miles / 2 days 11 hours
  • Wallis and Futuna to Niue: 551 nautical miles / 2 days 7 hours
  • Tokelau to Niue: 602 nautical miles / 2 days 12 hours
  • Fiji to Niue: 727 nautical miles / 3 days 40 hours
  • Tuvalu to Niue: 895 nautical miles / 3 days 17 hours
  • French Polynesia to Niue: 1,165 nautical miles / 4 days 20 hours
  • Vanuatu to Niue: 1,240 nautical miles / 5 days 4 hours
  • New Zealand to Niue: 1,284 nautical miles / 5 days 8 hours
  • New Caledonia to Niue: 1,340 nautical miles / 5 days 14 hours
  • Kiribati to Niue: 1,458 nautical miles / 6 days 2 hours
  • Nauru to Niue: 1,761 nautical miles / 7 days 8 hours
  • Solomon Islands to Niue: 1,773 nautical miles / 7 days 9 hours
  • Australia to Niue: 2,080 nautical miles / 8 days 16 hours
  • Papua New Guinea to Niue: 2,558 nautical miles / 10 days 16 hours.
How Long Does it Take to Sail to Niue?©

Sailing Times and Distances from the Pacific Rim to Niue

For the adventurous sailor, getting to Niue from other Pacific Rim countries/regions will take you less than a month. That’s whether you’re sailing from Asia or the Americas.

Note that all of the below times and distances are calculated when the vessel is doing an average speed of 10 knots.

  • Hawaii to Niue: 2,489 nautical miles / 10 days 9 hours
  • The Philippines to Niue: 4,126 nautical miles / 17 days 38 hours
  • Indonesia to Niue: 4,390 nautical miles / 18 days 7 hours
  • Los Angeles to Niue: 4,337 nautical miles / 18 days 1 hour
  • Mexico to Niue: 4,478 nautical miles / 18 days 16 hours
  • Hong Kong to Niue: 5,103 nautical miles / 21 days 6 hours
  • Chile to Niue: 5,139 nautical miles / 21 days 10 hours
  • Singapore to Niue: 5,224 nautical miles / 21 days 18 hours.

More About Sailing and Travel Times in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the sailing times and how long it takes to sail to Niue. Find out more about sailing to Niue, as well as more travel times and distances, in the guides below:

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