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5 Best Things to Do in Mutalau

6 Best Things to Do in Mutalau

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Activities, Attractions and Sea Tracks in Mutalau

Niue‘s northern-most village might be a little off the beaten track but it’s a fascinating place for its historical sites and to see more of the island’s caves. Discover its sea track, see if you can try to find the historical fort (we missed it the first time), and even bag a peak! In addition, guided plantation tours offer an immersive cultural experience. Find out more about these activities in this list of things to do in Mutalau.

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1. Check Out the Uluvehi Sea Track

A good go-to for most of the villages in Niue is its local sea track. The same applies to Mutalau. After a short drive down a short unsealed bush road, you’ll emerge at a coastal picnic area and the Uluvehi Sea Track. Walk the short concrete sea track to check out a couple of caves adorned in limestone formations storing vaka (canoes). At low tide, there’s even a cave pool to access under the road. Find out more about the sea track in the 8 Best Sea Tracks on the East Coast of Niue.

Location: Take the 500 m (550-yard) access road north, signposted from the centre of Mutalau village.

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2. See the Historic Taue i Fupiu Fort

See the remains of a traditional fort where around sixty warriors were said to have protected Peniamina, the Niuean who brought Christianity to Niue, while he was carrying out his Christian mission. The signage at the beginning of the short bush track tells the story of the Taue i Fupiu Fort in detail. Otherwise, learn more about the site and see more like this in the 10 Fascinating Historical Sites in Niue.

Location: The trail to the fort starts beside the Niue Tourism interpretation board seen alongside the village green (near signs for “A5 Tours”).

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3. Join a Plantation Tour

Learn about the Niuean way of life of living off the land on an interactive 4WD tour with A5 Plantation Tours. Based in Mutalau, A5 Tours allows you to discover and taste seasonal food grown on the plantation. You’ll also get to learn a few interesting Niuean techniques, such as how to husk a coconut, before enjoying a short walk through coastal rainforest to find and hold an uga. Learn more about this tour in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

Location: Tours departures are well-signposted from Mutalau Village at the northern end of the village green. Pay in cash. Bookings advised – see How to Book Tours & Experiences in Niue.

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4. Bag a Peak at the Highest Point of Niue

While this is a bit of a stretch for things to do in Mutalau, the highest point of the island is actually just outside of the village. The 69 m (226 ft) point is unnamed and unsigned, unfortunately, but you’ll drive over it on the road between Mutalau and Toi. The highest point is actually one of the first parts of the coral atoll of Niue to form, which was once the edge of a coral lagoon. Find out more about the island’s formation history in How Was Niue Formed?

Location: Between Mutalau and Toi, opposite the intersection of the Falepipi Bush Road.

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5. Experience a Niuean Church Service

On a Sunday between 10 and 11 am and again from 4 to 5 pm, the village comes alive with the melodious singing from the Ekalesia Niue Mutalau Church. Locals appreciate any visitor who has made the effort to travel all the way to their remote church to visit the pride of their village. Alternatively, Mutalau is the location of Niue’s only Jehovah’s Witness church, whose services start on Sunday morning at 10 am. Find out more about this cultural experience in the 10 Best Churches in Niue to Experience as a Visitor.

Location: Ekalesia Niue Mutalau Church – Mutalau village green. Jehovah’s Witness – Along the main road at the southern end of Mutalau, approximately 400 m (437 yards) past the village green.

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6. Join in the Fun on the Mutalau Show Day or Marine Day

Village Show Days and Marine Days are grand events in Niue, where every village has its own Show Day to showcase its best harvest, crafts and entertainment, while Marine Days highlight the best catches from the ocean! Head down to the village green to mingle with the locals of Mutalau, try local food, watch cultural performances and take part in activities. The Mutalau Show Day typically takes place sometime between April and November, but head to What Are Village Show Days in Niue? for more advice on where to find upcoming dates.

Location: Mutalau village green.

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[CLOSED] Have a Drink at the Coconut Stop

Hard to miss with its vibrant sign and thatched roof, the Coconut Stop is located in the middle of the village beside the main road. Although the stand and sign sit ever present in the village, there hasn’t been anything sold here for quite some time.

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More About Mutalau

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