The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue
The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue

The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue


Spearfishing Tours in Niue

Looking for your next spearfishing mission in the South Pacific? How about in the crystal clear waters of Niue?! The rocky coral atoll is surrounded by a narrow reef dropping off into the deep blue around 100-200m from shore. That means you’ll be freediving in no time, targeting Wahoo, Mahimahi, Yellowfin Tuna or even Marlin at the island’s drop-offs, bluewater drifts or offshore FADs. There are three specialised spearfishing charters in Niue that have the knowledge, experience and safety standards for an epic spearfishing excursion in Niue. Just remember to bring your own gun.

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Quick Tips for Spearfishing in Niue

  • Most spearfishing charters require you to bring your own gear, where it’s often recommended to bring a spearfishing gun, 35l float, a 75ft bungee, a 75ft hard line, weight belt and 3mm wetsuit or similar. Weights can usually be supplied in Niue
  • Bigger guns with a minimum of three rubbers are recommended for Niue’s spearfishing charters
  • All of the fishing charters listed below are licensed to watch and swim with whales, so you are able to swim with Humpbacks during the whale season if the opportunity arises
  • Spearfishing charters in Niue cost approximately NZ$400-$450 for two people.

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The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue(c)

Niue Fishing Charters

Up the anty with an exciting bluewater spearfishing experience with Niue Fishing Charters. Their spearfishing charters take spearfishers of all levels out to Niue’s drop-offs, bluewater drifts and offshore fads to target any kind of pelagic fish, mostly successful in wahoo, mahimahi (in the right fishing season) and dogtooth tuna.

Tours almost always include an in-water guide to help with ground-baiting and to operate a flasher rig. As for safety, the boat carries the usual safety equipment, first aid and oxygen kit.

While anglers can bring their own gear, weights, weight belt and other spearfishing gear can be arranged with prior notice given.

Niue Fishing Charters spearfishing trips last approximately four hours, with a morning or an afternoon trip available.

The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue(c)

Fish Niue Charters

Join local fisherman, BJ Rex, on a specialised spearfishing charter. Better suited to experienced freedivers, the trip takes you out to Niue’s dedicated spearfishing FADs to target species like wahoo, yellowfin tuna and marlin.

Tours are on one of the fishing vessels available, either a 6.3m Stabicraft powered by a 115HP 4-stroke Yahama motor or an 8m catamaran workboat powered by two 150HP 4-stroke Yamaha motors. All of the usual safety gear is provided.

Passengers must bring their own spearfishing gear, including a weight belt but they can supply weights.

There five-hour tour has two trips available, either one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The Best Spearfishing Charters in Niue(c)

Paul Pasisi Charters

Local guide Paul Pasisi brings more than 30 years of fishing in Niue, as well as 20 years of spearfishing chartering, so you’re in good hands. Join him on his custom-built open hardtop pontoon boat which was built for Niue’s sea conditions.

Spearfishing trips with Paul Pasisi Charters are approximately four hours and can take up to four people on the boat. No fishing gear is supplied so make sure everyone brings their own gear and gun.

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