Where to Buy Food in Niue
Where to Buy Food in Niue

Where to Buy Food in Niue [2023]

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A Guide to Buying Food in Niue

Where can you eat out, pick up groceries or even get some foodie souvenirs to take home from Niue? This tiny country in the South Pacific has a surprising array of foodie experiences, where dining at the island eateries or picking up one of their pure organic food products is all part of the Niue experience. What’s more, buying your own food supplies for self-catering is even uncomplicated, as we’ll go through in this guide on where to buy food in Niue.

4 Quick Tips for Buying Food in Niue

  1. Many of Niue’s food items you can take back to New Zealand, even honey, where quarantine certificates can be purchased from the airport
  2. Book a table for evening meals at Niue’s restaurants, as restaurants are full most evenings
  3. Unless staying at the Scenic Matavai Resort or the Lialagi Units, you will have access to self-catering facilities at your accommodation
  4. Supermarkets and grocery stores are stocked with imports from New Zealand but expect to pay a little more than what you pay in New Zealand.
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Restaurants, Takeaways and Cafes in Niue

Niue’s obvious go-tos for food are its restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways. You’re on holiday, after all! For a small country, Niue has some big flavours, so be sure to sample at least some of the cuisine while you’re here.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Niue

Niue has a small but fantastic selection of dine-in options around the island. A range of international cuisine is represented, including Japanese, Indian, American, European, Asian, Niuean and more. While most bars, cafes and restaurants are located in the capital, Alofi, there is the odd hidden gem to discover as you explore the island. Get the full picture of dining options in The 10 Best Restaurants in Niue, 6 Best Cafes in Niue and the 6 Best Bars in Niue.

Takeaways in Niue

If you’re looking for something to eat on the go, there are plenty of takeaway-only cafes and eateries in Niue that offer something fast and more affordable. Takeaway food tends to be meals like fish & chips, cafe food like sandwiches and cakes, as well as Chinese food. Niue’s takeaways are listed in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

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Grocery Shopping in Niue

Almost all of Niue’s accommodation offer options for self-catering, which can be a great way to save money and play around with some local ingredients. It’s easy to stock up on supplies in Niue thanks to its larger supermarket, grocery stores, village shops and the market. Check out typical food prices in What is the Cost of Food in Niue?

Supermarket in Niue

Swanson Supermarket is Niue’s largest supermarket, located near the airport in its own shopping complex. It has a huge range of imported food from New Zealand, as well as fresh food from local growers. They also stock toiletry products and medication. They are open 8am-6pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-7pm Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday.

Grocery Stores in Niue

Alofi has a small selection of smaller grocery stores that provide a convenient way to get all of your essentials. Double M and MCM in the Commerical Centre of Alofi stock a wide range of groceries, while Central Services (the gas station) have some food items but a more limited selection.

Village Shops

Some of Niue’s villages have small stalls or shops selling a few essential food items. They tend to be open only early morning or late afternoon. It’s best to ask for directions from locals or your accommodation hosts, as they are often not well signposted.

The Niue Market

Finally, the Niue Market in Alofi is in full swing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, which has different food items to buy depending on what’s in season and, well, what the stallholders feel like making! You can often pick up fresh produce, an uga (coconut crab) or try some Niuean porridge known as nane.

Learn more about buying groceries in Niue in The Guide to Food Shopping in Niue.

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Food Souvenirs

Niue is a producer of some pretty special food items, from pure organic vanilla to honey made in the world’s bee sanctuary. What’s more, many surprising food items can be taken back through New Zealand’s biosecurity with quarantine certificates available to purchase.

Vanilla and Coconut Products

Niue is a leading producer of pure organic vanilla and coconut products. With that, you can pick up aromatic vanilla beans, essence, coconut oil and much more at stores like Niue Vanilla in Alofi.

Niuean Honey

Niue is a sanctuary for bees, an island free from disease making Niue home to the world’s cleanest bees. With that, Niuean honey is mouthwateringly pure and well worth a try. What’s more, it’s the only honey outside of New Zealand that you can bring back to New Zealand. Niuean honey can be purchased from Double M in Alofi.

Banana Chips

A tropical snack, Lupe’s Banana Chips are a favourite on the island. The healthy chips made from bananas come in small bags and can be picked up from Lupe Shop in Halaika in Alofi, Paliati in Alofi or the market at Hanan Airport on plane days.

For more souvenir ideas, see the 10 Niue Souvenirs for Your Friends & Family.

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