The Best Accommodations in Niue for Watching Whales The whale season in Niue doesn’t mean you can only enjoy seeing Humpback Whales from dive and fishing boats. Whales come so close to shore that yo
Advice on Choosing a Holiday Home in Niue Have your own space, set your own rules and enjoy all of the home-away-from-home amenities by staying in one of the holiday homes in Niue. In fact, a great de
Niue Accommodations with Car Hire Niue is an island that you’ll definitely want to explore to its fullest, so finding a rental car is an important consideration for many. Well, what if we told you t
Stay in a Villa in Niue Looking for your own private space in Niue? Perhaps an island home so that you can live in luxury even if it’s just for a little while? Niue has a small but superb selection
Places to Stay in Alofi Alofi is the capital of Niue and a great base for exploring the island. Most of Niue’s accommodations are found in the town, consisting of guest houses, self-contained bungal
Places to Stay in Niue with a Kitchen With a good selection of grocery stores, the Niue Market to get local produce, and fishing charters to catch dinner, there’s not much reason not to cook your ow
The Top Airbnbs in Niue Got some Airbnb vouchers you need to use up or just looking for a more “locals” experience? The Airbnb offering in Niue ranges from modern yet affordable holiday homes to t
Small Island: Small Accommodations Spoiler alert: almost all of Niue’s accommodation is boutique! With only one resort with more than 50 rooms, the rest of the small island’s accommodations consis
Advice on Choosing a Guesthouse in Niue Want to stay in a guest house in Niue? Make sure that your choice meets your expectations for a smooth island getaway by choosing the right guest house for you.
Kid-friendly Accommodation in Niue Where should you stay in Niue with children? The “Rock of the Pacific” presents a number of family-friendly accommodation to suit a range of styles. Stay in a po
Advice on Choosing a Villa in Niue Treat yourself, your loved ones or your holiday group to their own private space in Niue that’s a little more lavish than the average. Niue, admittedly, only has a
Niue Guesthouse Accommodation Stay in locally-owned and run accommodation while saving a few cents in one of the guesthouses in Niue. Now, “guesthouse” is a kind of a broad term in the Niue accomm
Advice on Choosing a Boutique Accommodation in Niue Niue is a small island nation with small accommodations to match. That’s right, out of around 40 accommodations on the island, only one has more t
Advice on Choosing Honeymoon Accommodation in Niue The wedding process, from choosing the bridesmaids to deciding where to stay on your honeymoon, can be a whole lot of stress that you don’t need. T
Sailing Advice for Niue Niue is a rewarding sailing destination, an island like nowhere else in the South Pacific. It’s the world’s largest raised coral atoll which means while there’s no outer