10 Dos and Don'ts in Niue
10 Dos and Don'ts in Niue

10 Dos and Don’ts in Niue

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Local Customs and Cultural Protocol in Niue

A new country means new customs. This is especially true for Niue, which is home to a unique Polynesian culture with its own customs surrounding tradition and religion. As a visitor welcomed to their land, you’ll want to get it right to avoid offending the locals! We’ll give you a helping hand with this easy-to-digest list of the dos and don’ts in Niue.

Before we get into the dos and don’ts in Niue, be sure to bookmark The Guide to the Niuean Culture for Travellers for even more advice on the local customs and cultural experiences.

1. DO Wave to Everyone You Pass on the Roads While Driving

Niue is a small community-minded island where passing people while travelling on the road is seen as an event! It is customary to wave when passing other drivers, people walking alongside the road, and people cycling on the road.

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2. DON’T Wear Swimwear in the Town or Villages

The general rule for swimwear in Niue is that it should only be worn for swimming. It is prohibited to wear swimwear in Alofi and Niue’s villages, including for both men and women. However, it is acceptable to cover up swimwear with a long T-shirt or paleu (sarong), for instance. Check out some of the clothes we recommend packing for Niue in What Clothes to Pack for Niue.

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3. DO Respect Sunday Customs by Not Swimming or Walking Sea Tracks Near Churches and Village Greens

Sunday is a day of rest and worship in Niue. With this comes a few rules and traditions to honour, such as not swimming near a church or a village green on a Sunday. You should also avoid walking down sea tracks near churches while church is in session, typically at 9am or 10am in the morning and again at 3pm or 4pm in the afternoon. Check out the church service times in the 5 Best Churches in Niue to Experience as a Visitor.

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4. DON’T Go Down Sea Tracks that are Closed for the Kaloama Season

The Kaloama season, otherwise known as the goatfish season, is a period that comes just once a year where kaloama spawn in Niue’s waters. It is a tradition for the locals to fish for these juvenile goatfish to feed to their families. During the season, which typically happens in February but can happen at different dates for different periods each year, some sea tracks around the island are closed. See What You Need to Know About the Kaloama/Goatfish Season in Niue for more information.

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5. DO Wear Respectful Attire for Church

A church service in Niue is a cultural and spiritual experience that’s highly recommended for visitors. Make sure your visit is a respectful one by wearing appropriate church attire. Men should wear a collared shirt and pants, while women should wear a knee-length skirt. Avoid wearing hats and all-white clothing, which have specific meanings in the church context.

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6. DON’T Go in an Area with a Fono in Place and Look Where You Park

A Fono is a prohibition on an area, typically where someone has died or for another reason. An area with a Fono is usually indicated with coconut palm leaves tied or hung around the area. On the same note, Niueans have their family graves located nearby the main road so parking on or near those areas would be highly disrespectful. Keep a good distance between your parking spot and the nearest grave.

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7. DON’T Touch Vaka (Canoes)

Down many sea tracks in Niue you will see local fishermen’s traditional vaka or canoes. Do not touch them or move them. It’s Ok to take a photo though!

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8. DO Stick to the Speed Limit When Driving

The speed limit in Niue is 40km/h in the town and villages, while the open road has a speed limit of 60km/h. However, you will easily find yourself driving slower on some of the open roads with countless potholes! Get more driving tips in How to Drive in Niue.

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9. DO Tip to Show Gratuity but DON’T Feel Like You Have to

In Niue, it is not mandatory nor expected to tip. However, if you want to tip for good service, then it’s always appreciated. Get more money advice in the 11 Money Tips for Niue.

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10. DON’T Haggle the Price

Haggling is not customary at any of the shops or the market in Niue. For more shopping advice, see The Guide to Shopping in Niue.

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More Do’s and Don’ts in Niue

That’s it for the do’s and don’ts in Niue. Now check out The Complete Travel Guide to Niue and the 31 Tips for Travelling in Niue for even more essential Niue advice.


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