What is the Cost of Transport in Niue?
What is the Cost of Transport in Niue?

What is the Cost of Transport in Niue?

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The Price of Transport in Niue

Choosing transport based on price for Niue is not really necessary. The reason being, there is so little choice! There’s only one airline flying to Niue, about five different car rental companies, and not many other transport options after that! Nevertheless, just so you get a better idea of what you’ll be spending, we’ve put together a quick list of typical transport costs for Niue. Find out what is the cost of transport in Niue in the guide below.

Plus, plan the rest of your budget with What is the Cost of Travelling in Niue?

Tips for Saving Money on Transport in Niue

  • Be aware of the Air New Zealand baggage allowance, which is 7kg (15lb) with linear dimensions up to 118cm (46.5″) for cabin baggage and 23kg (50lb) with linear dimensions up to 158cm (62″) for checked baggage. Going over over the baggage allowance can incur extra charges
  • Not hiring a car straight away (or at all)? Find accommodation that offers free airport transfers – we list them in Airport Transfer Options in Niue
  • Base yourself in the convenient hub of the island, Alofi and consider only hiring a car for a few days during your stay to save on daily rental rates.

For more budget advice, see 10 Ways to Save Money When Travelling in Niue.

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The Cost of Flights to Niue

Your first price to consider for Niue is the cost of flights. There are only two flights a week to Niue with Air New Zealand, so comparing flights is at least easy.

Flight prices vary depending on the type of airfare chosen. Last-minute bookings may be more expensive. One-way fares from Niue are also typically more expensive. Flying into Niue on a Tuesday is often cheaper than flying in on a Saturday. Flying out of Niue on a Monday is often cheaper than flying out on a Friday.

The prices below are if the passenger is booking a return flight (which is needed to pass through Immigration in Niue – see Do You Need a Visa to Visit Niue? for more details).

Flight Prices to Niue

  • Flight to Niue economy seat and bag/person – NZ$285-$295
  • Flight from Niue economy seat and bag/person – NZ$365-$375

For advice on saving money on your Niue airfare, see How to Book a Cheap Flight to Niue.

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The Cost of Land Transport in Niue

With Niue being just one small island, the only transport available is on land. What’s more, the options for land transport are limited, with only one taxi as public transport. Most visitors choose to hire a vehicle, which involves acquiring a Niue Driver’s License from the Police Station. Some accommodation providers also offer free airport transfers to guests.

For more information on each type of transport, see the 8 Ways to Get to Niue (& Get Around Niue).

Land Transport Prices in Niue

  • Niue Driver’s License – NZ$22.50
  • Motorbike rental/day – NZ$40
  • Car rental/day – NZ$55-$75
  • Petrol/litre – NZ$2.64+
  • Bicycle rental/day – NZ$10
  • Taxi/kilometre – NZ$2
  • Accommodation/airport transfers – Free

For more money talk concerning transport, see How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Car in Niue.


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