What is the Cost of Accommodation in Niue?
What is the Cost of Accommodation in Niue?

What is the Cost of Accommodation in Niue?

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The Price of Accommodation in Niue

A significant part of your holiday costs goes toward where you stay in Niue. Figure out your budget by getting an idea of pricing for accommodation with this quick guide to the cost of accommodation in Niue. We list typical prices from budget guest houses to premium resorts.

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Tips for Saving Money on Accommodation in Niue

  • Travel in the low season (November-March) for low season rates and deals
  • Almost all accommodations in Niue have very limited rooms, so book early to ensure your first choice of accommodation, especially in the high season (June-October)
  • Compare accommodation inclusions to determine whether the accommodation provides good value or not.

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The Cost of Budget Accommodation in Niue

For the non-fussy traveller who cares more about exploring than where they sleep, budget accommodation in Niue is a good choice. But how cheap are we talking?

Budget accommodation in Niue comes in the form of locally-run guesthouses. These are typically either B&B-style accommodation with private rooms and communal facilities or a budget holiday home where you can hire the entire guest house for your group. Budget self-contained studios sleeping two to three people, as well as budget self-contained one/two-bedroom units/holiday homes are also available for families.

Budget Accommodation Prices

  • Guesthouse double room/night – NZ$50-$90
  • Guesthouse double ensuite/night – NZ$60-$190
  • Budget self-contained studio/night – NZ$120-$150
  • Budget family unit or holiday home/night – NZ$160-$200

Find out more about budget accommodation in Niue in our Budget & Backpackers category.

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The Cost of Mid-Range Accommodation in Niue

For the discerning traveller or those who want to treat themselves (you’re on holiday, after all), there is a fantastic range of mid-range to premium holiday homes, villas, apartments and resort rooms in Niue. Standards are usually that of 3 to 4 stars and either come in the form of a private holiday home with some luxurious extras or resort-style rooms/apartments with access to facilities such as a swimming pool.

Mid-Range Accommodation Prices

  • Premium self-contained villa/night – NZ$195-$320
  • Resort room/night – NZ$290-$460
  • Resort room interconnecting/night – NZ$650-$840
  • Premium studio apartment/night – NZ$225-$250
  • Premium family holiday home/night – NZ$230-$500

Browse some of the mid-range accommodation in Niue in our Accommodation category. You can also find more luxurious options in our Luxury Travel category.

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The Cost of Accommodation Services in Niue

Accommodations are not just a place to sleep but often offer other services to make your holiday seamless. Some accommodations have helpful services and facilities included in their nightly rate, while others will have an extra fee. Typical prices and inclusions are as follows.

Accommodation Service Prices

  • Laundry/load – Included-$10
  • Breakfast/person – Included
  • WiFi/250Mb– Included-$5
  • Airport transfer – Included
  • Bicycle hire/day – Included
  • Car hire/day – NZ$70
  • Lunch or Dinner/person – NZ$20-$50


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