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5 Smallest Villages in Niue

5 Smallest Villages in Niue

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A Small Island with Small Villages

Visiting “small towns” is kind of a buzz in travel at the moment, but what about a small island where the entire country itself feels like a small town?! Yep, Niue is your ultimate destination for tiny villages! Niue is not spoiled by over-urbanisation, where a community spirit still applies as locals wave to everyone they meet in their path. Charming villages are totally Niue’s thing, where you’re bound to be satisfied by any of the 14 villages on the island. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for the villages that mostly fly under the radar in terms of population but still have amazing sights and attractions to discover, then this guide to the smallest villages in Niue might be just your thing.

For an overview of all of Niue’s villages, see A Guide to the Villages in Niue.

Niue’s Smallest Villages

While we dive into the largest villages in The 5 Biggest Villages in Niue, here are the smallest villages in Niue with their approximate population.

  1. Namukulu – around 10 people
  2. Toi – around 20 people
  3. Hikutavake – around 50 people
  4. Makefu – around 70 people
  5. Lakepa – around 90 people.

Now scroll down to learn more about them!

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1. Namukulu

Located on the northeastern shores of Niue, Namukulu has proximity to many of Niue’s top sea tracks, as well as offers boutique tourist accommodation.

The highlight of the village for many is the Limu Pools, a safe swimming spot with excellent snorkelling. You’re also not too far from the neighbouring village of Tuapa with Hio Beach and the Hio Cafe, as well as from Hikutavake with the Matapa Chasm and Talava Arches.

Accommodation here includes Namukulu Cottages with several self-contained bungalows in various layouts and a swimming pool.

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2. Toi

A tiny village on the north coast of the island, Toi is perhaps the quietest village on our list of Niue’s small villages as it mostly consists of agricultural land.

There is a dirt road leading to the Toi Sea Track. However, it was overgrown the last time our team checked providing no access. A bike trail on the Falepipi Bush Road is also accessible from Toi.

Toi is also close to the highest point on the island at 69 m (226 ft).

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3. Hikutavake

You’ll hardly realise this is a village, tucked away in the northwestern corner of the island. Hikutavake, however, holds some of the most iconic natural attractions in Niue, as well as boasts friendly locals.

Don’t miss the sea tracks to spectacular coastal formations like the Talava Arches and the Matapa Chasm, located at the back of the grassy parking area at the northern end of the village. There’s also the Hikutavake Sea Track, which provides access to some amazing pools for snorkelling. See 10 Best Sea Tracks on the West Coast of Niue for more information.

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4. Makefu

A little further south of Namukulu is the village of Makefu, offering a few of the island’s natural highlights, such as Avaiki Cave and Palaha Cave. The Makefu Sea Track is also in the area, offering a good spot for whale and dolphin watching.

A couple of the island’s bike trails along the bush roads are also accessible in the area.

There are a few accommodations, including Anaiki Motel perched on the clifftops above Avaiki Cave, and the holiday home of Lolani’s Retreat.

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5. Lakepa

Lakepa is located on the northeastern shores of Niue, offering a couple of accommodations for visitors, as well as sea tracks to explore.

Walk down sea tracks like the Puluhiki Sea Track and the Motu Sea Track, both narrow gravel roads that need to be driven with care (don’t attempt after heavy rain).

For accommodation, the village offers the Lialagi Units in an old school building and the Taoke Fales.

More About the Smallest Villages in Niue

That’s it for our guide to the best small villages in Niue. For more about Niue’s villages, check out more of our guides:

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