The Best Island Day Tours of Niue
The Best Island Day Tours of Niue

The Best Island Day Tours of Niue


Guided and Self-Guided Island Tours of Niue

Unlike many South Pacific getaways, Niue is an island where exploring every nook and cranny is all part of the parcel. But how do you tour the island? Visitors have a couple of options. There are limited half-day guided island tours available including transport, refreshments and an expert guide. Another option is to drive yourself around the island, following the advice of our day trip itineraries. We’ll go through what each option entails in this guide to the best island day tours of Niue.

3 Ways to Tour the Island of Niue

You have three main options when it comes to sightseeing and touring the island of Niue:

  • Self-guided island tours
  • Guided tours with Niue Orientation Tour
  • Guided tours with Explore Niue.
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A Self-Guided Island Tour of the West Coast

With an abundance of rental vehicles available to make up for the lack of guided tours, Niue is best explored on a self-guided island tour. Typically, travellers split their day trips between exploring the west coast and the east coast. First, let’s start with the west coast. See the full itinerary in A Self-Guided Tour of Niue’s West Coast. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview:

  • Avatele to Tamakautoga – 3 minutes/2.6km/1.6 miles – Highlights include Avatele Beach, Washaway Cafe, Kauhi Krafts, Pofitu Sea Track, Scenic Matavai Resort and Togulu Sea Track
  • Tamakautoga to Alofi – 13 minutes/8.6km/5.3 miles – Highlights include Anaana Burial Cave, Ana’ana Point, Amanau Sea Track, Koefaga Vanilla of Niue, Vaiolama Cafe and Mini Golf, Taoga Niue Museum and Alofi’s Commercial Centre
  • Alofi to Makefu – 7 minutes/6.3km/3.9 miles – Highlights include Togalupo Sea Track, Vaila Cave Sea Track, Peniamina’s Grave Memorial and Makefu Sea Track
  • Makefu to Hikutavake – 7 minutes/5.5km/3.4 miles – Highlights include Avaiki Cave, Palaha Cave, Hio Cafe, Hio Beach, Limu Pools, Hikutavake Sea Track, Matapa Chasm and Talava Arches.

See the complete itinerary at A Self-Guided Tour of Niue’s West Coast.

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A Self-Guided Island Tour of the East Coast

In the same vein as mentioned above, a self-guided island of the east coast is an excellent use of a rental car to do an independent island tour. This itinerary takes you to Niue’s less-populated, less-visited and more rugged side. And, yes, it is possible to get more rugged. See the full itinerary in A Self-Guided Tour of Niue’s East Coast. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview:

  •  Avatele to Hakupu – 11 minutes/7.8km/4.8 miles – Highlights include the Noni Farm, Ebony Carving Studio and Anapala Chasm
  • Hakupu to Liku – 15 minutes/10.8km/6.7 miles – Highlights include the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area, Togo Chasm, Laufoli Umu Pit, Hikulagi Sculpture Park and Tautu Reef
  • Liku to Lakepa – 9 minutes/5.3km/3.3 miles – Highlights include the Motu Sea Track and Puluhiki Sea Track
  • Lakepa to Mutulau – 8 minutes/6.3km/3.9 miles – Highlights include Taue i Fupiu, Uluvehi Sea Track and A5 Tours.
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Niue Orientation Tours

An excellent guided experience for those without a vehicle or those wanting to get, well, “orientated” with the island, Niue Orientation Tours is an island tour worth considering.

Niue Orientation Tours offers an insightful introductory tour to Niue with plenty of sightseeing along the way. Visit eight different iconic Niue sights on the west coast of the island, including Avaiki CaveLimu PoolsHikutavake PoolsMatapa Chasm and more!

The 4h30min tour is a small-group tour of up to six people only. Tours take place on Tuesday and Saturday mornings. The tour also includes refreshments, as well as an eight-page resource pack outlining 27 locations to visit in Niue and a tide chart to know the right times to visit.

See more tours like this in The Best Guided Tours in Niue.

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Explore Niue

More excellent guided island tours are available with Explore Niue. They offer two island tours: a West Coast Tour and an East Coast Tour.

Explore Niue West Coast Tour

This tour is an informative orientation tour of the island, ideal for first-timers to Niue. You’ll be introduced to some of the west coast highlights of the island while stopping at some sights along the way. On the 4-hour tour, learn about the history and culture of the island as you visit cafes, lookouts and a snorkelling spot. The tour also includes local refreshments. Tours run on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Explore Niue East Coast Tour

This half-day tour explores the east coast of Niue. The first stop is the village of Hakupu on your way to the Anapala Chasm. After visiting the chasm, you delve into the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area to the iconic Togo Chasm for a tropical rainforest walk. Then it’s to the Hikulagi Sculpture Park before making your way across the island to Alofi and your accommodation. These tours are available on demand but require a minimum of four people for the trip to go ahead.


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