How to Plan a 5 Day Family Trip to Niue
How to Plan a 5 Day Family Trip to Niue

How to Plan a 5 Day Family Trip to Niue

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The Guide to Planning a 5-Day Trip to Niue for Families

Looking for a quick family getaway in the South Pacific? Unlike the sprawling archipelagos of many South Pacific nations, Niue is just one easy island to travel around, making a 5-day holiday a breeze. Start planning a vacation with the kids with this guide to a 5-day family trip to Niue.

In this family vacation plan, you’ll find a proposed itinerary (or two), as well as where to stay, how to get around, what to do and where to eat.

Note that due to Niue’s reduced flight schedule, this itinerary may no longer be compatible with current flights – check the flight schedule in Which Airlines Fly to Niue?

5 Days in Niue (A Relaxed Itinerary)

Remember that a holiday is your opportunity to relax too, so take a look at the proposed itinerary below listing just one or two activities per day for a laidback pace.

5 Days in Niue (An Active Itinerary)

If the above itinerary doesn’t have enough going on for you, check out the more active family itinerary below.

See the full itinerary: Niue Family Itinerary: 5 Days

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Where to Stay

Choose an accommodation to suit your family’s style between apartment complexes, holiday homes and a resort. Some accommodation recommendations include:

Matapa Guest House – This holiday home is located by some of Niue’s top swimming spots, whale watching sites and sea tracks. It is a small yet comfortable two-bedroom house with a double bed in each bedroom. The hosts offer cultural lessons and tours.

Namukulu Cottages – Located nearby child-friendly swimming spots like the Limu Pools, Namakulu Cottages offers modern and airy one- and two-bedroom bungalows surrounding an outdoor swimming pool.

Scenic Matavai Resort – The one and only resort in Niue features two outdoor swimming pools, a pool bar, a restaurant and elevated decks ideal for watching whales and dolphins. Interconnecting rooms are available with all your standard international-style hotel amenities.

Scenic Matavai Apartments & Villas – The Scenic Matavai Apartments & Villas are 1.5km (one mile) away from the Scenic Matavai Resort. Guests can still use all of the facilities of the resort, as well as the facilities provided at this oceanfront apartment complex.

Check out the 10 Best Family Accommodation in Niue for more information about these accommodations and others.

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How to Get Around

Admittedly, families in Niue have limited choice when it comes to transport. Here is an overview of the ways to get around Niue:

Car rental – With paved roads and barely anyone on them, renting a car is a popular and enjoyable way for families to get around Niue. Car rental companies offer pick-up/drop-off anywhere on the island. Find out more in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

Accommodation transport – Many accommodations in Niue offer free airport transfers for guests, taking you to and from the airport. Some accommodations offer their own car rental or bicycle hire.

The Taxi – The closest thing you’ll find to public transport is the island’s one-and-only taxi, affectionately called “The Taxi”. The vehicle easily fits a family of up to six or seven. Learn more in The Guide to Taxis in Niue.

Check out How to Get Around Niue for more information.

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What to Do

Aside from lapping up the tropical sun, Niue offers an excellent balance of relaxation and child-friendly adventures. Some of the top recommended experiences for families include:

Swimming at the Limu Pools – While there’s a wide array of swimming and snorkelling spots in Niue, the Limu Pools is the most family-friendly. Learn more about them and more in the 8 Best Sea Tracks & Places to Swim in Niue for Kids.

Exploring caves and snorkelling at the Talava Arches – A fantastic adventure for older kids, the Talava Arches Sea Track takes you to a magnificent coastal arch with limestone caves and a safe swimming channel.

Whale and dolphin watching – See dolphins swimming in their pods close to shore throughout the whole year and whales between July and September/October. There are many dedicated lookouts for watching whales and dolphins, offering a child-friendly alternative to swimming tours. Check them out in the 10 Places to Spot Whales in Niue.

Cultural activities – Two fantastic cultural activities for families include Misa’s Nature Tour and the Friday morning assembly at Niue Primary School. Additionally, there are entertainment nights and cultural presentations at the Scenic Matavai Resort throughout the week.

See the 10 Things to Do in Niue with Kids for more activities to add to your itinerary.

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Where to Eat and Drink

Although most accommodations in Niue have self-catering facilities, making it easy to stick to a budget, there is also plenty of family-friendly restaurants to treat yourselves to. Be sure to book a table at the following:

Dolphin Restaurant – The restaurant of the Scenic Matavai Resort is open for guests and casual diners alike. They have kid’s options on their a la carte menu or book in for one of their buffet and entertainment evenings.

Vaiolama Cafe – This clifftop cafe boasts an array of fabulous cakes, fresh sandwiches, cabinet food, as well as some amazing smoothies and milkshakes. They also have an 18-hole mini golf course on-site.

Cafe Tavana – A family go-to for affordable fish and chips. The lovely local ladies serve up amazing fresh fish, chips and salads, as well as a range of affordable burgers.

Slush – Refresh with an ice-cold drink from this slushie bar in the Alofi Commercial Centre. Choose from a range of creative and colourful slushies, smoothies and frappes, or opt for one of the fridge drinks to be “slushed” for you!

Check out more dining recommendations in The Guide to the Best Eats & Restaurants in Niue.

More on Planning a 5-Day Family Trip to Niue

That’s it for how to plan a 5-day family trip to Niue. Get even more family trip-planning advice in The Travel Guide to Niue for Families, as well as activity inspiration from the 10 Things to Do in Niue with Kids.


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