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Where to See Dolphins from Shore in Niue Where can you watch dolphins in Niue without having to get on a boat? Niue’s coastline with 30m (100ft) cliffs naturally provides incredible lookouts for wat
Long Walks in Niue Niue is famous for its sea tracks, but the two to five-minute walks that most sea tracks are might not satisfy your inner-hiker. Because, yes, as much as people like to think Niue i
Places to Snorkel from Niue’s Shore The beauty of Niue is that its snorkelling reefs are right on its doorstep. The west coast of the island has many sea tracks that lead down to mesmerising snorkel
Massage Services in Niue While adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, biking and fishing take the limelight in Niue, don’t forget to take some time to relax too! A small island with a sm
What You Need to Know About Walking in Niue Niue is the island for an active adventure. It’s an island you can only make the most of by stretching your legs and exploring its sea tracks. Whether you
Scuba Diving Sites in Niue What is scuba diving like in Niue? Imagine the vividness of colourful coral and tropical fish as you descend into waters with 30 to 80m visibility! Niue experiences very lim
Yoga Sessions and Classes in Niue Forget another yoga retreat in Bali or Thailand, Niue provides the most off-the-beaten-track locations in the South Pacific to practice yoga. It’s hard to not relax
Advice for Walks in Niue Niue is an active holiday destination where you can only see its stunning coastal sights by hitting the walking tracks. The walking trails around the island are known as “se
Sea Tracks and Short Walks in Alofi Niue is a raised coral atoll full of sorts of nooks and crannies. Find secluded bays, rocky lookouts and beaches, even in the capital of Niue, Alofi. Sea tracks are
Why Get Married in Niue? Something as beautiful as announcing to spend the rest of your lives together deserves a beautiful destination to commemorate the moment. With dramatic coastline, crystal clea
Nightlife in Niue Leave your glowsticks and vodka at home, Niue is not a party island. What it is, however, is an island where your evenings are filled with variety, from relaxation to adventure. One
Where to Get Cheap Food in Niue Admittedly, Niue is not a country where you’ll find your ultra-cheap street eats. Niue is a remote country where many food items have to be imported. Nevertheless, th
When to Get Cheap Drinks in Niue A day on an island getaway is not complete until it ends with a refreshing cocktail or beer at happy hour. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick list of the
What Fruit to Try in Niue The tropical island of Niue should be brimming with tropical fruit, but surprisingly, there is less variety than elsewhere in the South Pacific. However, despite the island
Niue’s Best Beaches On “The Rock of the Pacific” you might be surprised to learn that Niue actually does have some beaches. Ok, so they might not be your soft golden sand beaches of the other So