Can You Go Camping in Niue?
Can You Go Camping in Niue?

Can You Go Camping in Niue?


Can You Camp in Niue?

The short answer is: not really. Camping is not permitted in Niue, except for one long-forgotten campground on the side of the road in the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area. In short, your camping options are next to nothing, so it’s highly recommended to leave the tent at home and stay in one of the budget accommodations available in Niue. We go through the information on Niue’s campsite, as well as accommodation alternatives for budget travellers in this guide to camping in Niue.

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Is it Legal to Camp in Niue?

In Niue, it is against the law to freedom camp (camp anywhere). In addition, it is not permitted to do couchsurfing (stay in someone’s home as a tourist visitor for free). At present, no accommodations in Niue offer tent sites for camping.

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The Campground in Niue

There is one campground in Niue called Coasters Camping. Coasters Camping is located on the northern outskirts of the Huvalu Forest Conservation Area near the village of Liku. Blue signs for the campsite are easily spotted from the main road.

Coasters Camping is an unmaintained campsite that doesn’t get much use on the island. It’s a, quite frankly, overgrown grassy area surrounded by forest.

The campsite is approximately a 20-minute drive (16km/9.9 miles) from Alofi.

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Alternative Accommodation in Niue

So if you’re looking for a campsite in Niue, chances are you want to stay in budget accommodation. Niue has an excellent range of accommodation, which makes for a great alternative to camping even if it’s not the wilderness experience you might be hoping for. Nevertheless, here is a list of accommodations in Niue that are either affordable and/or are located off-the-beaten-track.

Budget Accommodation in Niue

  • Turtle Lodge, Makefu
  • Kumar Enterprise / Guest House, Alofi
  • Heleni Jessop’s Fatahega, Alofi
  • Kololi’s Motel, Alofi
  • Aliutu Guesthouse, Alofi
  • Bella’s Guesthouse, Alofi
  • Peleni’s Guesthouse, Alofi
  • Lilinya’s Guest House, Alofi
  • Teresa’s Guesthouse, Alofi
  • Vinnie’s Guesthouse, Alofi
  • Joema Place, Alofi
  • Kaina Kaute, Alofi
  • Damiana’s Motel, Avatele
  • Aleki Guesthouse, Avatele
  • Yolos Accommodation, Avatele
  • Lialagi Units, Lakepa

Budget Off-The-Beaten-Track Accommodation

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More About Camping in Niue

That’s it for our guide to camping in Niue. Now check out The 30 Best Accommodations in Niue so you can compare places to stay.


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