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6 Most Unique Accommodations in Niue [2023]

7 Most Unique Accommodations in Niue [2024]

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Stay Somewhere Different in Niue

Already, Niue is a pretty unique island – a raised coral atoll like nowhere else in the South Pacific. However, if you want to up your island getaway to the next level of uniqueness, then there is a small number of accommodations that provide something a little different from their peers. Stay in a vibrant cottage on the cliffs, a house made from the island’s limestone, or a villa perched on the cliff with a bathtub on the balcony. There’s a place a little quirky and different on the island, and we’ll help you find one to suit you with this list of the most unique accommodations in Niue.

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How to Book Accommodation in Niue

With only a rare few accommodations in Niue having websites, it might not be entirely obvious how to book a place to stay in Niue. We include booking links where available, but to learn more about booking accommodations over the phone or via Facebook Messenger, check out our complete guide on How to Book Accommodation in Niue.

1. Lialagi Dorm and Units

Not only are the Lialagi Dorm and Units on the less-visited east coast of the island, but they are unique in that they are units renovated from the village’s old school building. The family and group accommodation in Lakepa provides a very affordable place to stay on the island with rooms upstairs containing a queen bed and a single bed, while the downstairs dorm, kitchen and bathroom can be utilised for larger groups. See more stays like this in the 10 Best Budget Accommodations in Niue.

6 Most Unique Accommodations in Niue [2023]© NiuePocketGuide.com

2. Stone Villas

Just unique enough to mention, the Stone Villas is only one of two tourist accommodations on the island made from the island’s limestone. It makes for an attractive place to stay, especially for a special occasion, should it be a honeymoon, anniversary or “just because”. The Stone Villas are two villas nestled in forest yet just a short walk from Alofi. The villas are self-contained and also include free WiFi, airport transfers, as well as a private car rental for your entire stay. For more accommodation ideal for couples like this, see the 10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Accommodations in Niue.

Check Stone Villas out:

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3. Scenic Matavai Resort

Unique in that it’s the only resort in Niue, the Scenic Matavai Resort might be similar to resorts you may have visited across the South Pacific but it’s certainly unique in Niue. There are two parts to the resort, the main resort complex with around 55 guest rooms, a swimming pool, a pool bar and a restaurant perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. About 1.5 km (0.9 mi) down the road is the resort’s apartment complex with its own swimming pools and self-catering accommodation. Find out more in the 10 Best Hotels & Resorts in Niue.

Check Scenic Matavai Resort out:

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4. Breeze

Stay in one of the uniquely colourful cottages on the oceanfront of Avatele with Breeze. This accommodation can’t help but put a smile on your face as you meander through the property’s coral gardens past various vibrantly painted cottages to get to your abode. Each self-contained cottage is a studio with a twin or king layout, including a kitchen and a very spacious walk-in shower. Enjoy making use of the whale watching deck, the complimentary WiFi and the airport transfers to make your stay in Niue, well, a “breeze”. See more small stays like this in the 10 Best Boutique Accommodations in Niue.

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5. Lau’s Getaway

Lau’s Getaway is unique in that it is one of the most luxurious options on the island, with added inclusions like a gourmet breakfast hamper and a bottle of wine on arrival. However, the freestanding bathtub on the balcony of the two villas overlooking the Pacific Ocean has to be the most unique aspect of this accommodation. It has to be one of the world’s most scenic places to take a bath! The villas are also painted a brilliant blue, which is just another reason why Lau’s Getaway is bound to take your breath away. Needless to say, this one also tops the 10 Best Luxury Accommodations in Niue.

Check Lau’s Getaway out:

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6. Lalopine Rockhouse

And the other stone-constructed accommodation in Niue is the Lalopine Rockhouse, a two-bedroom holiday home located in the village of Hakupu away from the tourist hotspots on the island. It’s a stunning place to retreat to in a quiet village where you’ll have your own fully-equipped kitchen, laundry facilities and a rental car included! You can’t go wrong in this modernly decorated and furnished accommodation in Niue. For more accommodations which include car rentals (or heavily discounted rentals), see the 5 Accommodations in Niue with Car Rental.

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7. The Restoration Reef

Certainly unique in the island’s capital, The Restoration Reef is moments away from town yet perched on the clifftop with unbeatable bush and ocean views from the bed! The accommodation itself is ideal for couples looking for a special place to stay in Alofi. The accommodation has a studio layout with a humble yet functional kitchen included. See more accommodations like this in the 10 Best Holiday Homes in Niue.

6 Most Unique Accommodations in Niue [2023]© NiuePocketGuide.com

More About Unique Accommodations in Niue

That’s it for our list of the best unique accommodations in Niue. For more intriguing places to stay, take a look at these:

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