5 Reasons a Wedding in Niue is a Must
5 Reasons a Wedding in Niue is a Must

5 Reasons a Wedding in Niue is a Must

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Say “I Do” on an Island as Unique as You

After your fiance gives you “a rock” then it only makes thematic sense to get married on “The Rock of the Pacific”. But all bad jokes aside, there are many reasons why getting married on the little-known island of Niue is an absolute must! The raised coral atoll is an island wedding destination like no other, which we’ll dive a little deeper into with this list of reasons why a wedding in Niue is a must.

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1. The Island Provides a Stunning and Unique Backdrop to Your Wedding

Let’s start with just how stunning the island of Niue is. It’s the world’s largest raised coral atoll, which not only means its coastline is awash in breathtaking limestone formations, but that very limestone filters any water that falls on the island into the ocean to sustain crystal clear waters. Niue’s caves, chasms, coves and beaches make for some gorgeous wedding photos, while you can even have your wedding ceremony at one of these amazing destinations. Check out the 10 Most Iconic Sights in Niue for just a taste of the kind of landscape we’re talking about.

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2. The Legal Formalities are Effortless, While a Marriage in Niue is Internationally Recognised

The paperwork is just about the only drag of getting married, especially when organising a destination wedding. However, Niue’s wedding formalities to obtain the marriage license, for instance, is pretty straightforward. As long as you are of age, can legally be in the country (have a valid passport, for instance), have original or certified copies of your birth certificates and any applicable divorce or death certificates, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting married in Niue. What’s more, Niue is part of the Hague Convention Apostille where you can get the Apostille Seal to make your marriage certificate from Niue internationally recognisable. See What are the Marriage Requirements in Niue? for more advice on the marriage paperwork.

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3. The Weather is Beautiful

Niue is a tropical island, which experiences warm soothing temperatures year-round and mostly glorious sunshine. That’s not to say that Niue doesn’t have its rainy days, with an average of 115 days a year experiencing some sort of rainfall a year. Niue has two seasons, the dry season (winter) and the wet season (summer). Learn more about the climate in What is the Weather Like in Niue?

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4. Share Your Special Day with Only Your Nearest and Dearest (or Just the Two of You)

The beautiful thing about a destination wedding is that you don’t feel obligated to share your special day with people you hardly know. Being a destination wedding, your wedding in Niue will most likely only be attended by your nearest and dearest who will make the extra effort to celebrate this special day with you. Otherwise, Niue is ideal for a secret elopement, where finding your own private space in one of the least populated and least visited countries in the world is never too hard to find.

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5. Start Your Honeymoon Straight After You Wrap Up Your Big Day

Eliminate the awkwardness of travel and logistics between your wedding and honeymoon. Get all of that out of the way before your wedding in Niue, so you know that your whole wedding and honeymoon period is spent doing just the fun and more important things. Speaking of honeymoon, check out some of the amazing experiences you could be having together in the 10 Romantic Activities in Niue for Couples.

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