10 Top Transport Tips for Niue
10 Top Transport Tips for Niue

10 Top Transport Tips for Niue

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Tips for Transport in Niue

Niue is an island you will definitely want to explore. With all sorts of nooks and crannies along its coastline, from dramatic chasms to snorkelling hotspots to quaint villages, there’s plenty of reasons to hit the road in Niue. But how do you get around? Not only that, but how do you get to Niue in the first place? We go through some transport advice in this list of transport tips for Niue.

1. Niue Has Two Direct Flights from Auckland per Week

Our first transport tip is about getting to Niue. Niue is only accessible via flights, cruise ship or if you have your own yacht. There are two flights direct from Auckland, New Zealand per week taking approximately 3h30mins. Flights are only available with Air New Zealand, which you can read up about in Which Airlines Fly to Niue?

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2. Niue Has a 24-Hour time Difference from New Zealand

One thing to note about travelling from New Zealand is that Niue is on the opposite side of the International Date Line making a 24-hour time difference between Niue and New Zealand. So when you depart from Auckland on a Tuesday morning, for instance, you arrive in Niue on a Monday afternoon. Keep this in mind when making travel arrangements.

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3. Hiring a Car is Recommended

Niue has very limited transport options for getting around, as we will discuss in the rest of this article. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to hire a car in Niue to make the most of the island. Attractions are scattered across Niue’s 64km (40-mile) coastal road which requires your own means of getting to. Learn more about hiring a car in Niue in The Guide to Car Hire in Niue.

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4. Other Limited Transport Options are Available

So if you don’t want to hire a car for your entire trip or can’t drive, what are your other options? Many accommodations in Niue offer airport transfers, while there is also one taxi on the island. The Taxi is a good alternative but is, after all, one vehicle and one driver, so it might not always be available when you need it. Learn more in The Guide to Taxis in Niue. This then leaves you with other vehicles to hire, such as motorbikes, vans and bicycles.  See The Guide to Renting a Motorbike in Niue for more details on motorcycle hire.

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5. You Need to Get a Niue Driver’s License

So back to the vehicle rental, you will need to get a Niue Driver’s License to legally drive a motor vehicle on Niue’s Roads. These can be obtained from the Police Station in Alofi and cost NZ$22.50. While you can drive on your overseas license when you first arrive in Niue, you must get a Niue Driver’s License as soon as possible. See How to Get a Niue Driver’s License for more details.

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6. Bicycle Rental is Good to Explore Some of the Island

So what about bicycle rental? Can you bike around Niue? Niue has a landmass of 240km2 (100sq mi) so biking around the island is a challenge, to say the least! However, bicycle rental is a good option for exploring at least some of the island, doing the four bike trails or getting between town and your accommodation if staying on the outskirts. Bike hire is available with some car rental companies, as well as with some accommodations, as explained in The Guide to Mountain Biking in Niue.

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7. Stay Somewhere with Plenty to Do if You Won’t Have a Car

So you only want to hire a car for a few days during your visit or you want to use a mix of The Taxi and bicycle rental, then make sure you stay somewhere where there is still plenty to do within walking distance. There are quite a few accommodations in Niue that are in smaller and more remote villages, which are not ideal if you don’t have your own transport. We list all of the villages, things to do and accommodation available in Understanding the Niue Villages.

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8. Look Out for Accommodations with Car Rental and/or Bike Rental Included

Some accommodations in Niue comes with private transport included, whether it’s your own rental car or some mountain bikes. Some accommodations offer car rental as an options add-on where you pay a daily rate for the vehicle, while quite a few accommodations include car rental with your stay. Accommodations that include bike hire usually offer bikes for free. See some of your options in the 5 Accommodations in Niue with Car Rental and the 5 Accommodations in Niue with Bike Hire.

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9. Car Rentals Can Be Delivered Anywhere on the Island

An extremely handy thing about Niue’s car rentals is that car rental companies offer complimentary delivery/returns anywhere on the island. This allows you, for instance, to spend a couple of days without a car in Niue, then just getting one delivered when you’re ready, saving you a few bucks in the process. Get more tips for car rental in the 10 Tips for Renting a Car in Niue.

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10. Look Out for Weekly Rental Deals

Finally, when renting a vehicle or a bike, look out for deals when hiring for seven days or longer. Most rental companies are happy to negotiate long-term rental rates, typically offering deals like “rent for seven days, pay for six”, for instance. See more money-saving tips in the 10 Ways to Save Money on Car Rental in Niue.

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